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Setting the course
and creating impact

Interim Management

In the form of temporary, decisive guidance,
I help your organization with the necessary
changes to achieve your objectives.

This is where my operational leadership experience comes into play. As an interim manager, I do more than just supervise processes. Together with you, I will achieve something sustainable, so that your organization can continue to develop under its own  steam, which already exists in your people.

Healthy organisation from the inside

As an organization you can of course develop innovative products and invest in the future of your company. But I approach it from the other side. I want to make sure that your organization is set up in such a way that it is agile and therefore future-proof. Together we create a safe working environment, in which people dare to propose or try something and have the possibilities and tools to do so. Anything can result from this, such as an innovation.

If everyone experiences a safe working environment, your company can grow and you remain agile. For one organization this is an Agile environment. For others, it is a good idea to set up all Lean processes to make them as efficient as possible.

My areas of expertise:

  • Strategic and operational management
  • Change management
  • Agile transformation
  • Process optimization/Lean
  • Marketing/Fundraising

Want to know more or brainstorm right away about how we can tackle your challenge? Feel free to call or mail me, I’d love to think along with you!


“Fantastically efficient describes Antje. Her way of dealing with different challenges across different departments, cultures and employees while maintaining a strong focus on Operational Excellence is impressive. I have seen Antje establish a company from scratch, mastering different channels in a new market, hiring and training staff, while achieving the company’s goals with calm grace, warmth and integrity”.

Rachel Dix via LinkedIn