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Get yourself and your
surroundings moving


A growing, thriving company that relies on motivated, committed employees. That is what every future-oriented entrepreneur wants.

With Skip a Stone I help organisations to organise themselves sustainably. I advise on and guide your organisation to a solid (re)design. By building or setting up your organisation in such a way that it is future-proof and agile, you create a healthy organisation that grows from the inside out. Sometimes you need help with this. Whether you are a family business, a SME or CEO of a large (international) corporate.

What do you require?

  • A energetic (interim) manager with experience in the (international) business world
  • Thorough financial insight into (complex) operational environments
  • Strategic and operational management
  • Operational excellence, process improvement, LEAN
  • Performance management, HR
  • Change and transition management (organisation & culture)
  • Agile transformation
  • Commercial, business services, NGO and financial sector

I am happy to put my knowledge and expertise to work for you. So that you will see which stones you have to skip on the water (Skip a Stone) for the right impact.

Would you like to know what I can do for you as a business consultant or interim manager?
Then please contact me.



You will gain a well-founded insight into current and desired business processes, management skills, competencies, behaviour, motivations, work culture and relationships. This will result in development perspectives and advice that is in line with the goals of your organisation.
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Interim Management

In the form of temporary, decisive guidance, I help your organisation to make the necessary changes in order to achieve your objectives. This is where my operational leadership experience comes into play. As an interim manager, I do more than just supervise processes. Together with you, I will achieve something sustainable, so that your organisation can continue to develop under its own steam, which already exists in your people.
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Good news! Many companies are already betting on ‘people first’, because they know that people who enjoy their work are more valuable to the organisation. I respond to this with workshops and training courses. This way I help people (in an organisation) in their search for their intrinsic motivation. This bears fruit, both in their private and professional lives.
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I promise you this

Your company, those are the:

  • People: how do we create a safe working environment that gives room for growth (of the people and your organisation)?
  • Your vision: what future do you have in mind?
  • The organisation of your organisation: what is needed to realise your vision?
  • Processes: how do we set these up efficiently and effectively?
  • Business and financial side: how do we ensure a healthy return on investment?

When I start working for you, I look at the whole picture.

Would you like to know more or brainstorm right away about how we can tackle your challenge?
Feel free to call or mail me, I’ll be happy to think along with you!