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“Culture eats strategy
for breakfast”

(Peter Drucker)


I want to help you get clarity on where you stand and provide clarity on the path to your goal.

You will gain a well-founded insight into current and desired business processes, management skills, competencies, behaviour, motivations, work culture and relationships. This will result in development perspectives and advice that is in line with the goals of your organisation.

Each advice is based on special developed models and methods, such as the RendeMentorsscan business scan and the Fitch Model for behaviour and motivation analyses of individuals, teams and corporate culture.

Behaviour and motivation analysis

As a certified Fitch consultant, I use the Fitch Model to discover what drives a person and what enables them to grow, both personally and within an organisation. The Fitch Model was developed together with Utrecht University. It helps to map out personal styles, team dynamics and challenges. It also provides clear tools to underpin selection choices and to shape the personal development of employees and teams. So that you get the right people in the right place and you can deploy them optimally.

Business scan

The RendeMentorsscan business scan is based on a combination of business organisational models and psychological analysis models to map people’s behaviour and mutual interactions. By means of 96 questions, which deal with all kinds of aspects within the organisation, you gain insight into this:
  • The qualities and strengths of your organisation
  • how customer-oriented you are
  • the functioning of your staff and how they treat each other result orientation and structure of your organisation

Would you like to know more or brainstorm right away about how we can tackle your challenge?
Feel free to call or mail me, I’ll be happy to think along with you!